Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blue Leicester Ewes ~ For Sale

We have a lovely group of purebred Bluefaced Leicester adult and yearling ewes ~ For Sale.
These ewes represent our diverse UK genetics, and include white and natural colored Leicesters, as well as some of our past show Champions.
We are offering two different breeding groups, consisting of 5 ewes each, with an
unrelated ram (of your choice).
We also offer individual animals for those folks who are looking to add a specific
UK bloodline or trait to their flock.
email for more details:
For Sale:
Beechtrees 'Belhaven'
Three time Champion in 2007

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Miss Ellie Mae

Brierdens Miss Elderberry Blackfrost

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival

Here are a few photos of the my Bluefaced Leicesters that placed at the WSWF.
CH BFL Ewe ~ White Show
Beechtrees 'Paisley'
Judge: Glenn Shapiro 'HAZELWOOD FARM'

Beechtrees 'Paisley'
Rossiebank X3 daughter
CH BFL Ewe ~ Colored Show
Beechtrees 'Coelbren'
Rossiebank X3 daughter

CH BFL Ram ~ White Show
Beechtrees 'Kirkhope'
Cocklaw T1 x CarryHouse V2