Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Raven ~ 11 weeks old

Dutch Masters Agnes Grey Blackfrost
aka 'Raven'
Raven loves her rawhide chewies and assorted toys!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New puppy at Beechtree

The newest member of our 'pack' is a female Dutch Shepherd of the Long haired variety.
There are about 25 of the LH type of Dutch Shepherds in the USA, and it is considered a rare breed globally. The breed is known for is herding abilities as well as tracking, protection, and companion.
I flew down to Raleigh, NC to pick her up inbetween their unusual winter snow storms.
Her call name will be 'Raven'.

This is her Dutch Shepherd 'family'
Donja her mother, Ozzy her sire, and my female along with her 2 brothers.
The other members of her dog family are golden brindles, and Raven is a silver brindle.
Here she is checking out all the creatures at her new Farm.

Her first visit to Lake Michigan on Valentines Day.
For more updates and adventures on Raven, and our other dogs 'past & present'
I have started a blog for the dogs, it is:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

'Cooper' heads for the U.P.

Last summer one of our 'started' female Great Pyrenees LGD's "Kate' headed to the U.P. of Michigan to guard some Shetland's and Targhee's from the "local" predators up there. Her new owners knew that eventually with coyotes, bobcat, bear, and wolves in the area they would need a 2nd dog to assist 'Katie'. Well, Sunday morning I recieved an email from her owners that Katie had single handily kept out some type of canine invasion, but they were affraid that the 'pack' would be back.
So we made arrrangements that they would make a trip below the 'bridge' on Monday to pick up 'Cooper' a 8 month old Pyrenees male that was being mentored by Kate's sister (Jeni) and Kate's dam (Zora).
I got an email on Tuesday morning that Kate was "in heaven" to have a buddy, and this is the same pup that she started to break in last summer before she moved to the U.P.
We hope Katie and Cooper have a great life in the U.P. and that their owners can now rest peacefully at night knowing they've got two dogs to watch over their flock.
Beechtree's Cooper
8 months old