Monday, March 30, 2009

For Sale: Bluefaced Leicester Ewes

We have a diverse group of yearling ewes for sale, ranging in quality for show, brood, or for the fiber flock.

The scan of the fleece sample pictured below is from ewe # 93-black 'Coal Ila', the samples taken from the mid-rib and the lower britch, this is her first shearing.
If I had to make a guess at the microns, the mid-rib would test out around 23 microns or less. Coal Ila has also lambed at 11 months of age: a 13 lbs single~natural colored ewe lamb, and she is a very good mother.
For Sale ~ Yearling Ewes

93-black 'Coal Ila' CHV2 x BLT5 $ 250
100-black 'Finola' Laird x BLT5 $ 200 SOLD
106-black 'Conniston' CHV2 x BLT5 $ 200 SOLD
110-black 'SilverFlowe' BLT5 x BTL5 $ 450
112-black 'BallieNicol' CHV2 x BLT5 $ 400 SOLD
17-orange 'Lyvennet' CHV2x BLT5 $ 400
26-orange 'TwistedThistle' CHV2 x BLT5 $ 400

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Son of Eclipse

Here is one of those 'double trouble' ram lambs enjoying being outdoors with some pals to romp with in the nursery mixing pen.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lamb shots

Here is a ram lamb from a set of triplets, with his sister laying down in the background.
CLT1 x Barlaes
A spunky 16 pound single female

Lambing time

This weekend has been a bit busy keeping up with the ewes that are lambing the UK-AI progeny. All the jugs are currently full and there are still a few more ewes to go, so I guess I had better 'check out' a few of the sets and make ready for the next group of occupants.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mercury delivers

Well, Mercury finally had triplet lambs on St. Patrick's Day.
She had 2 ewe lambs, a white 12 lb. & an 11 lb. natural colored, and then a 12 lb. colored ram lamb.
No opportunity for photos yet, just too busy & too tired lambing out the other LAI ewes. It is also too cold and windy to open up the barn for some sun and good lighting. I hope to get some photos this coming weekend of the AI lambs as they get turned out of the lambing jugs and into the 'nursery' area.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beechtrees 'Falkirk' ~ For Sale

Beechtrees 'Falkirk'
DOB: 4-11-07
Kirk is a solid ram, with good feet & mouth and overall conformation.
He has an excellent temperament, and carries a very finely purled fleece.
He would make an excellent purebred or crossing sire.
$ 500

Saturday, March 14, 2009

AH, The Sun ~ Finally!

The old boys know how to enjoy their day!
There is nothing better than catching a few rays from the comfort of the ol' round bale pile.
And just when we were getting comfortable,
some guy with a camera had to come along and spoil our afternoon siesta.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mercury's expanding waistline

While doing chores last night I took the opportunity to measure Mercury's "waistline" if that is what you would call it. I snugged the twine down thru her fleece, marked it, and then laid it against the tapemeasure. Mercury measures a whopping 66 inches (that's 5 1/2 feet) around her widest part. She still has about a week to go if she carries out to full term, or 145 days, which means those lambs will get a bit bigger and heavier yet.
Okay, typically I am not one to 'count my chickens before they hatch', but I have to believe that poor Mercury (* see her picture below) is probably lugging around triplets, and not the 'Goodyear blimp'. She had triplets back in 2007, a set of Cocklaw daughters, but I don't remember her getting this gianormous. For this lambing season she was exposed to our new UK Rossiebank import.
I think this weekend after I shuffle some adult and yearling rams around to make more space in the barn, I'll set Mercury up with her own comfort stall area so she doesn't have to compete with the other more nimble ewes for feeder space and a quiet place to lay down. She deserves some pampering .

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Biding her time

Poor Mercury.
She's just waiting for her due date to unburden herself of this 'wide load'.
You would think that she swallowed the 'Goodyear blimp' sideways. I plan on taking a tape measure to her tomorrow to see what her 'waistline' measures, and she still has a week to go.

The newest generation

A grand start to the 2009 lambing at Beechtree Farm
Hey, Look at me!

This fellow is not to be outdone by any one else in the cute or handsome-ness department.

And when combined with his twin brother, they make double the trouble for their mum.