Friday, April 23, 2010

The Puppies Have Arrived

The first puppy arrived at 7:30 pm on 4-22-10 , and the last arrived at 1:00 am 4-23-10.
Jeni and I both needed a good sleep afterwards.
This is a pix of 3 of the first 4 puppies born

This morning Jeni & pups are now rested, with full tummies, and nice and clean & dry.

Jeni making sure I don't muss with the order of her pups.

final count 8 puppies
4 females (1 white: 3 marked)
4 males (1 white: 3 marked)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

1st photo's of Jeni's puppies

These are the first photos of Jeni's litter of Great Pyrenees puppies.
Taken on 4-17-10
There seems to be 8 - 9 puppies that are due next week.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lambs Due for Easter

Oops! I guess no one told 'Bryn' about the lambing due date, and what the lambing chart said when her due date would be.
Nick the shearer was just packing up on Wednesday evening after doing our yearlings, and there was a strange nickering noise coming from the aged ewes pen. I came around that side of the barn just in time to see a ewe chase the LGD's out the door and then proceed to have her water bag break. Good thing I had the lambing area set up and waiting for this coming weekend.
' Bryn' w/ her twin ram lambs, sired by 'Chacewater'
our first F2 Rossiebanks