Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ram photos ~ untrimmed

Below are photos and prices of the yearling rams that we have available 'For Sale'.
Please excuse the untrimmed apperance and the winter grime.
They were just brought out of the field now that lambing isn't taking up all the barn space.
(* delivery fee & Veterinary Health Certificate ~ additional)
Beechtrees 'Marston'
# 21-orange (TRP) $ 500
Lovely fleece with good luster, excellent breed type stands four square, good wide loin and rear.
Beechtrees 'Verteris'
# 24-orange (S) $ 500
Proven sire with 6 lambs already on the ground and more due next week.
Very finely fleeced, long bodied, sound structure.
Beechtrees 'GlenGrant'
# 103- black (TRP) $ 500
Heavy fleeced, excellent crimp and luster, good loin and body length.
Beechtrees 'Thistleton'
# 27- orange (TW) $ 400
Lovely fleece with good density, he stands slightly toed out east-west on rear feet.
Beechtrees 'Riecawr'
# 98- black (S) $ 400
fine fleeced ~ thin skinned, he is growing rapidly and he will be a very long ram by time he reaches 3 years old, his mouth is slightly over on the left side.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Maryland S&W ~ Delivery option

With our impending trip to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival just around the corner, here is an opportunity for those of you who live out East, and who will be attending the Festival to take advantage of our ability to transport several extra Bluefaced Leicester's that way.


These 2009 lambs can be delivered to the MSWF

1 - White ram lamb:
sired by Silverdale (Barlaes F1) x Eskleydale (Beeston 'Titan' F1)

1 - Natural colored ram lamb: SOLD
sired by Silverdale (Barlaes F1) x Eclipse (Cocklaw F1)
* see colored ram lamb pictured on the March 25th (post below) 'Son of Eclipse'.

1 - White ewe lamb: SOLD
sired by Cragganmore (Barlaes x Beeston 'T85') x Chantilly (Ebony x Laird x Jamie)

Also, any of our previously listed 'FOR SALE' adult and yearling rams, and the yearling ewes, can be delivered to MSWF with pick up arrangements made for Thursday night (April 30th) or Friday morning (May 1st). * Due to the MSWF penning regulations.

For more information contact me at:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's a big world out here!

This handsome little fellow gets his first view of the big, bright world awaiting him outside the safe and comfortable confines of his lambing jug.