Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beechtrees 'BenNevis'

Beechtrees 'BenNevis'
DOB: April 2007 (TW)
Ben has been CH Ram at MFF & CH & RES. SUP. CH at WSWF 2008.
Scottish Judge: David Cruikshank 'Nithsdale' Bluefaced Leicester flock commented on his sound structure and broad shoulder, excellent breed type and good blue pigment, and how good he is on his feet and legs, and he has a nicely purled lusterous fleece.
Ben carries Barlaes-Titan-Laird-Loyalty-Ebony genetics.
We are looking forward to seeing his 2009 progeny here at Beechtree.

Beechtrees 'Marston'

Beechtrees 'Marston'
DOB: April 2008 (TRP)
photo: Feb. 2009
Marston is a very sound ram lamb, with a finely purled dense fleece, with a wide rear and loin.
He has Barlaes-CarryHouseV2-Laird-Ebony background.
Marston pictured at approx. 4 months old.

Beechtrees 'Thistleton'

Beechtrees 'Thistleton'
DOB April 2008 (TW)
Thistleton has great breed type, excellent structure, length & width, and he has a fine-dense fleece.
His bloodlines include CarryHouseV2-Barlaes-Laird-Loyalty-Ebony

Beechtrees 'Nightshade'

This is the first of several adult ewes that we will be offering for sale this spring.
The aged ewes will be ready to go after their lambs are weaned, and the yearling ewes, which are open, are ready for placement now.
Our first featured ewe is
Beechtrees 'Nightshade'
DOB: April 2005 (TW)
Nightshade is a very correct and stylish, natural colored ewe, with an excellent fleece. She has produced white and natural colored lambs, and she carries the Titan-Laird-Ebony-Loyalty bloodlines.
Nightshade would be an excellent foundation ewe for someone looking to add size, length of loin, and a good topline-mouth-feet-and legs to their purebred Bluefaced Leicester breeding flock.