Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Blackfrosts Midnight X Fire
aka. 'Ursa'
Belgian Groenendael
8 months old
'Ursa' and John
October 1992

Not Sheep ! (continued)

Maiala Lady Kelsey Beechtree
aka. 'Kelsey'
Australian Terrier
Greta & Kelsey

Prince & Michelle

aka. 'Sam'


'Tara' sledding with the girls
Dog Sledding on a frozen lake
CH Teraways Alcantara of Tacara
& Tacaras Alto of Blackfrost
CH Teraways Alcantara of Tacara , CD

Animals & Life ~ Before Sheep

'Miss K Tee Leo'
aka. 'Kate'
Skijoring 'Quarter Horse Style' after a fresh snow.

' Morgan'
My Irish Setter, and "my" first dog.

Teraway's Alcantara of Tacara
aka. 'Tara'
7 1/2 weeks old
My first Belgian Tervuren

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cocklaw & Rossiebank Progeny ~ For Sale

For Sale: Bluefaced Leicesters

This is a rare opportunity to add the newest UK imported bloodlines in your Bluefaced Leicester flock, as well as several of my other UK imports. I have F1 and F2 progeny available of:

The Rossiebank progeny carry dense, well crimped and purled fleeces, good pigment, and great conformation.

Ewe lamb:
4-blue 'Rosebank' F1
white (S) Rossiebank x Titan-CHV2 $425

The Cocklaw progeny have excellent conformation & breed type, and dense- lustrous fleeces.

Ewe lamb:
17-green 'Roslin' F1
white (TRP) Cocklaw x Titan F2 $ 425

Ram lambs:
11-green 'Fernham' F1
white (TRP) Cocklaw x Barlaes F1 $ 450

45-orange 'Rookhope' F2
black (TRP) Cocklaw F1 x CHV2-Barlaes-Titan $ 400

47-orange 'Kirkhope' F2
white (TRP) Cocklaw F1 x CHV2-Barlaes-Titan $ 425

117-black 'Burndale' F2
black (TRP) Cocklaw F1 x Barlaes F1 $ 425

Other bloodlines:

Ewe lambs:
34-orange 'GlenMaye' F2
white (TRP) CHV2 F1 x Barlaes F1 $400

48-ograne 'MidnyteMist'
black (TW) CHV2 F2 x Loyalty-Laird $ 400

Yearling rams:
24-orange 'Verteris' F2
black (TW) CHV2 F1 x Titan F2 $ 500
Stunning, long bodied, fine fleeced- good skin , excellent structure & disposition.
Champion NC BFL ram at WSWF 2009, CH NC LW Ram at MFF

Adult rams:
7-orange 'Haydon' F1
white (S) CarryHouseV2 x EbonyBoy $ 500
Haydon is a proven sire for purebred & mules, he has excellent conformation & breed type, sound feet & legs, and a good mouth. CH BFL ram at WSWF 2008, and CH Mule Progeny Group at WSWF 2008.

57-black 'Silverdale' F1
black (TW) Barlaes x EbonyBoy $450
To date, Silverdale has been our most consistent sire of purebred progeny, stamping his offspring with long bodies, good feet & legs, and stunning fleeces. Just about every ewe and ram in the flock carries him as its sire or grand sire.

Email me at: beechtrfrm@aol.com for more details.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas

For the Bluefaced Leicester enthusiast we have a lovely selection of hard to come-by Bluefaced Leicester collectables for sale. For more information on any of the items listed below, please contact me at: beechtrfrm@ aol.com
The first item is a booklet about the History of the Bluefaced Leicester. This is an invaluable reference material to add to your Bluefaced Leicester library.
$ 23.00 w/ shipping
Perfect for sipping a hot cup of tea from, our next item is no longer in production and it was produced by Border Fine Arts, Studio collection. This 'Bluefaced Leicester' breed mug was approved and produced for the UK Bluefaced Leicester Sheep Breeders' Association.
I have 2 of these available, priced at $ 28.00 each (plus s&h)