Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Desert Pyr ~ Cleo

Here is a photo of the all white Great Pyrenees puppy #2 - female in here new home.
She is now living in AZ with my nephew as his companion dog. He was staying here for a few weeks with us and he was smitten with her personality.
Her name is:
Beechtrees Desert Guardian Cleopatra
(the Cleopatra goes along with his black cat named 'King Tut' )

Friday, July 9, 2010

Discount Available for w/o Papers

The noted price of the 2010 ewe and ram lambs being offered on my 'For Sale' pages, and lists can be discounted by $50 per head if you would like to purchase them
without their Registration papers.
There are a few of the adult rams and ewes that I will make this offer on also.
I'll make note of which adults on the 'For Sale' lists can be sold with the $50 discount.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bluefaced Leicester Sheep For Sale

Beechtree Farm has an outstanding selection of purebred Bluefaced Leicester ewes, rams, and lambs available in both white and natural colored for your purebred and fleece flocks, as well as for commercial crossing sires. Our adult ewes are proven dams with progeny records available to prospective buyers. Our available rams are utilized in both our purebred, as well as our commercial 'Mule' flock with selection emphasis based on their ability to stamp their genetics on their progeny. We strive to produce purebred stock of the highest quality available in the USA, with rigid selection based on progeny performance and conforming to the breed standard.

Our goal is to preserve and produce purebred Bluefaced Leicesters which exhibit the outstanding qualities and traits which has made it the UK's # 1 sire of commercial ewes for prime grass fed lamb production. To this end Beechtree has elected not to follow the current USA trend of creating a sheep with greater range of fleece colors and patterns, or of increasing the fiber micron diameter and fleece weights. We are committed in our efforts to maintaining a purebred flock, and we will forego the use of the available crossbred domestic & imported bloodlines in our Bluefaced Leicester flock.

For complete lists of our available Bluefaced Leicester ewes, rams, and lambs, click on the page navigation buttons above.