Monday, January 26, 2009

Great Pyrenees LGD's - For Sale

Livestock Guardian Dogs
Great Pyrenees

with the adult Mule ewes
1 year old, with sheep, UTD on vaccinations & HWP, and neutered.

Kate keeping a watch on things!

Peter will be 2 years old in June, working with sheep, UTD on vaccinations & HWP, neutered.

Peter with the Clun Mule lambs

Our LGD's are socialable with people and barn cats, work with sheep, and know their basics: sit, come, and walking on a leash.
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bluefaced Leicesters: For Sale

Here is a list of the Bluefaced Leicester ewes and rams that are currently available.

Yearling ewes: ( 9 months of age)
14-orange Lyvennet -Wallsend x Lune $ 300
97-black Twilight (colored) -Kippford x Nightshade $ 450
99-black Iola -Kippford x Iona $ 350
104-black ClaraTyne -Kippford x Alystyne $ 350
107-black Carron -Silverdale x Callaly $ 350
114-black BlueWillow -Silverdale x Willowford $ 350

Yearling rams: (9 months of age)
21-orange Marston -Haydon x Fern 450
23-orange Templeton -Haydon x Fern 300
103-black GlenGrant -GlenFiddich x BlueMist 450
98-black Riecawr -Kippford x Elilaw 400
109-black Doverdale -Silverdale x Glory 250

Two year old rams: (* see early posting of adult ram photos)
7-orange Haydon -CHV2 x Chantilly 500
89-black BenNevis -Silverdale x Platinum 550
88-black MacLellan -GlenFinnian x Leslie 500
87-black Falkirk -GlenFinnian x Rowandale 550
67-black Kippford (colored) -Barlaes Titus x Glory 250

*prices are good for 30 days w/ transport by the end of February
50% deposit required to hold your requests.
email : for photos and pedigree information